Best of Both Worlds

Sometimes I feel like I’m living in two worlds. The feeling has become more frequent in recent times, think Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus-esk, without the millions of dollars and Daddy issues. I feel like I’m torn between who I think I should be, and who I want to be. It’s no secret that I’m getting older […]

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Anxiety Strikes

This one goes out to anyone who has ever felt like the world is closing in on them. Because I’ve never really felt that way, until recently. I’ve always felt in control, felt like I knew where I was going even when I was lost, felt like a kick-ass bitch who’s not going to take […]

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I was listening to a podcast on my flight down to Melbourne where a podiatrist was talking about bunions, but more importantly bunion removal surgery. Tasty, right? The point he was making was the misconception we have on what a bunion is, that it isn’t in fact a calcium formation, it’s actually the 1st metatarsal, […]

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I’ve noticed recently how fixated people are on the negative things in life. “I wish I had your confidence”, or “I wish I was skinnier”, or “my body is falling a part, it will never get better”. I’ve noticed this more since moving away for some reason (goodbye comfort bubble), I just don’t understand how […]

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When I grow up…

Remember in kindergarten, when the teacher would ask all the kids to draw a picture of what they want to be when they grow up? The boys maybe wanted to be a firefighter, and the girls maybe wanted to be ballerinas, I’m pretty sure mine was to be a badly drawn picture of a giraffe. […]

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The F Word (Failure)

Failure is something we have all faced at some point or another. Failed maths class, failed driving test, failed relationships. That big, fat fat “F”, circled in red marker that can haunt you across the span of your life. Sound familiar? It can be the difference between feeling all time highs and all time lows. […]

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Head or heart?

My thoughts are pretty confused today, now I’m not sure if it’s because of my emotions, the amount of self reflection I’ve been doing or maybe it’s just the amount of red wine I drank last night (half a bottle is acceptable right?). But, I’ve come to the realisation, I seem to be blinded whenever […]

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